Do children need fairy tales? And what?

In the modern world, parents often face the problem of the need or uselessness of fairy tales and for a child. After all, fairy tales are just fantasies. And the baby, most likely, needs to study and recognize the Read more

Tips for parents to help with homework

Teach your child to organize the workplace with The workplace should be adequately lit. The light source should be in front or to the left so that the shadow from the head or from the hand does not fall Read more

Meditation practice

So, let’s get down to practice Get ready for practice Try to create silence if possible, turn off the sound on the phone, TV, radio. If that’s not possible, no big deal! It will just be a little harder Read more

Types and directions of yoga

All modern trends, one way or another, are based on 4 ancient varieties of Indian practices: Hatha yoga. The goals of the classes are achieved through special breathing exercises (pranayama) and performing asanas (static postures); Raja Yoga (Janyan). The Read more

Readiness for school: physical and psychological

Is your child ready for school and When preparing a child for school, it is necessary to take into account several particularly important points identified by experts in developmental psychology and the psychology of child development. First, the key Read more

How to develop critical thinking skills in children

Critical Thinking Helps Your Child Make Good Decisions Children make decisions from a very young age. Initially, these are intuitive decisions, for example, “eat a sandwich” or “play with a toy.” However, in the future, they have to make important Read more

What if the child wants nothing?

Why do children choose gadgets at the expense of more interesting activities and worksheet generator? What should parents do in such cases? Why is it important to give your child the right to choose? Many children prefer to spend time Read more


The path of yoga is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender and health status. Both men and women can practice yoga. But since they have different physiology, the practice of asanas and pranayamas for women has its own Read more


Breath control in yoga is one of the most important parts of developing a practice. Pranayama is a breathing exercise that helps to balance and deepen the practice. As well as improve well-being and improve mood. According to the Read more