Yoga has been proven to work this way. This effective and centuries-old practice affects both the physical and subtle body (which is responsible for a person’s emotions and thoughts). Those who practice yoga become healthier and more resilient, feel Read more

11 Things You Shouldn’t Forbid Your Children

You shouldn’t forbid a child… Fear. Everyone can experience fear – both girls and boys, and every adult. It’s perfectly normal to be afraid of something, for example, 8th grade workbooks, whether it’s real or imaginary, because the fear of Read more

Yoga for beginners at home

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Curious Facts about Mathematics

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Concentrating on bodily sensations in yoga

As I wrote before, there are not one or two ways to make the conscious. Which (or which) of them to use is everyone’s business. However, in order to choose the most effective ones, it is advisable to try Read more


Why sometimes after yoga for example you feel a surge of strength and energy, and sometimes – deep relaxation and peace. How it works? One of the quickly achievable effects of yoga is the effect on the nervous system. Read more


Energy is primary, matter is secondary. This is the first thing to understand when working with your limitations, both physical and spiritual. And there are three levels to work with – body, mind and energy. There are seven chakras in Read more