Energy is primary, matter is secondary. This is the first thing to understand when working with your limitations, both physical and spiritual. And there are three levels to work with – body, mind and energy. There are seven chakras in the human body. There are different versions of how many chakras there are in fact, and there are different numbers, but still most people agree that there are seven main chakras. And in terms of these seven chakras, you can consider working with your energy and and about signing up for
Each of the chakras is a certain level of consciousness, as well as a “gateway” to a certain world. That is, if a man at the moment of death is at the level of this or that chakra, he will reincarnate in the corresponding world. Thus, if one raises one’s consciousness to a sufficiently high level, then one can reincarnate with dignity even in the presence of negative karma. The problem is that negative karma most often causes our clouding, and those people who have already accumulated a certain amount of negative karma look at the world very peculiarly and can hardly raise their consciousness to higher chakras. What chakra a person’s consciousness is in will also determine what karma will manifest in his life at the given moment of time. For example, if a person has raised his consciousness to the higher chakras, then even the most negative karma will manifest very mildly. This happens for the simple reason that similar attracts similar, and a man whose consciousness is in the higher chakras cannot attract any strongly negative energy into his life. However, there is also a rational aspect: if a man has reached the higher chakras with his consciousness, he, as a rule, does not need any hard karmic lessons, and karma returns to him in a “light version”, so to say. Our Universe is just and reasonable, and if a man is ready to develop and pass life lessons by himself, it makes no sense to push him.

Each chakra has its own characteristics, and each chakra is responsible for certain functions and manifestations. There are no “bad” or “good” chakras. Through each chakra one can manifest both goodness and ignorance, so it is only a matter of quality of energy. However, the higher the chakra, the finer the energy, and the greater the possibilities open to a person, as well as the broader the field of view he has. For example, a person whose consciousness is in the first chakra simply cannot see and understand those things that a person whose consciousness is in, for example, the fifth chakra understands.