Do children need fairy tales? And what?

In the modern world, parents often face the problem of the need or uselessness of fairy tales and for a child. After all, fairy tales are just fantasies. And the baby, most likely, needs to study and recognize the world around him through real facts from literary sources. Yes, and the parents themselves have accumulated invaluable experience of their own lives, with the help of which moms and dads can answer the child’s many questions.

There is only one “but”. The fact is that a child’s perception of the world is fundamentally different from an adult’s perception. For the first five or six years of his life, the baby does not perceive some things at all, and treats some things in a very original way. Death is an illustration of one such phenomenon. For a child, there is no death with its inevitability and the impossibility of changing anything. He perceives it more as a transition to a new world, a transformation into another, new being. Perhaps it is this approach that gives strength to the child in the preschool period to survive all the possible events associated with the death of creatures and people dear to him.

This is where the fairy tale comes into play. It interacts directly with the subconscious of the child and this is its main meaning.

Listening to or reading a fairy tale or, the child begins to understand what is good and what is evil. Moreover, he understands this not even at a simple everyday level of communication in a sandbox, but at some higher level of perception, not always accessible even to adults. Picturesque, colorful fairy-tale images and plots explain many moral concepts to a child much better than boring adult explanations.

And what fairy tales will be the most suitable for the baby?

Of course, you need to start with Russian folk tales. It is with their help that the baby learns and feels his very first moral rules and laws, which will gradually be laid aside and accumulate in his “subconscious chest”. In the future, it is they who, perhaps, will be able to help him in resolving difficult adult problems. The ideal time to read fairy tales to your baby is in the evening when he is getting ready for bed. It is at this moment that the child is usually calm and relaxed, which means that his subconscious mind is maximally open for perception.

It is necessary to discuss the read fairy tales with the baby, listen to his opinion, share his own. This exchange of impressions is important for the child, because it can help him understand himself, his worldview.

The choice of a particular fairy tale is determined, first of all, by the age of the baby:

From a year to three or four years, it is best to suggest reading fairy tales where the main characters are animals.
From 4 to 5 years, fairy tales based on the interaction of people and animals will be more interesting.
From 5 to 6 years old, the little man may begin to make comparisons between himself and fairy-tale characters, and children usually like to imagine themselves as either “bogatyrs” (for boys) or “princesses” (for girls).
After 6 years, the child usually matures for his own creativity.
The kid insatiably invents endless stories, creates fictional worlds and populates them with a variety of characters.

It is very important not to miss this period. Since it is these fantasies that enable parents to get close to the inner world of the child, understand his possible problems and help him solve the most difficult of them.

Therefore, the main thing for parents is to realize the importance and significance of a fairy tale for a growing little man. And then reading or telling a child an evening fairy tale will not only be a matter of whim and fleeting mood, but will turn into a wonderful family tradition that will unite parents with the baby and leave a deep mark on the child’s memory.