First grade spelling words

First grade spelling words

Because of the low interest in the profession among graduates of pedagogical universities, the Ministry of Education first grade spelling words is preparing a reform. There are some statistics provided by Danil Valeryevich Bashmakov, deputy director of Moscow State Pedagogical University. It is conducted with enviable frequency, almost every month, and the results are quite impressive. Of the total number of graduates, 96% continued to develop in the pedagogical field, but in different directions. This includes people who have continued their education, found a job in the field and distributed through employment channels.

It is also worth emphasizing that not many people go to work in schools. After teaching children in schools, after gaining experience, teachers will have a career in higher education. Most often because of low salaries and difficulties of working with school-age children. Schools give a lot of work with documentation, which is also a huge disadvantage. Teachers even change their field of work when they cannot get a job in higher education institutions.

Graduates who improve their skills and knowledge, through continuing education and a master’s degree or graduate school, have a better chance of finding teaching jobs outside of school. Former schoolteachers may find themselves in private institutions, and experience will play an important role in their employment. There are also private teaching practices. Commercial colleges and technical schools are very interested in teachers with experience in public institutions. Studying in graduate school, there is a great chance to get into teaching at the same institution, with good performance, and work there part-time.
It is completely controlled by the state. All financial issues and all questions of the education system itself are resolved through the Ministry of Education, private institutions are also under its strict control.

First grade spelling words

But universities, which prepare graduates with higher education, have the right to independently organize their curricula.

They operate at a high level of world-class and prepare excellent professionals.

The Italian education system itself is subject to frequent reforms. Thanks to them it only gets better.

The structure of education in Italy
Let’s see all levels of Italian education
la scuola Materna, la scuola Elementare, la scuola Media, la scuola Superiore:
Pre-school, where children from three to six years old are educated.
School, from ages six to ten.
High school, for adolescents between the ages of eleven and thirteen.
Middle classes
Middle, here there is also a division into:

Higher grades 14 to 19 years old;
Lyceums, preparation for higher education
Higher education:
University group
Non-university group
Academies (cultural institutions, associations for the study of history, training centers, literary institutes, foreign departments)
For Russian citizens, education in Italy has many advantages. In Italy there are Russian schools, education cognate definition is conducted in Russian. Additionally, the study of Italian is carried out. When applying to universities, you will need to take exams in Italian.
When applying to universities in Italy you can present a Russian diploma, they will have their “weight”.
It is also possible to study another profession from the first year.