Fish pose (Matsyasana)

One of the most useful asanas in the yogic arsenal is matsyasana (fish pose) which confirms This technique opens up the thoracic region, reducing stooping, and is useful for maintaining a healthy lung and cardiovascular system. At

young woman doing yoga

the level of the pranic body, it improves the functioning of the heart chakra. Enhances qualities: acceptance, unconditioned love.

But there’s an important technical element that a lot of people miss. When we do this asana, it’s important to lengthen the lower part of the spine. The coccyx should be tucked up to extend the lumbar spine (especially for those who have overstretched lumbar muscles and protrusion). This way you avoid a lumbar crease and can stretch the spine better before bending in the thoracic spine.

It’s also important to maintain full breathing in matsyasana! This position stretches the lungs and allows them to breathe well. Good prevention and recovery from acute respiratory infections. Metaphor: A fish that has been pulled out of the water breathes deeply.