Higher education: psychologist

Higher education: psychologist

The profession of psychologist has always been a popular one. This is due to the fact that “studying for a psychologist” is relatively easy, the passing scores are small and the cost is quite acceptable. Another attractive fact for applicants is the opportunity to get higher psychological education in any form, at least by correspondence, at least by distance. Therefore, this education is very much chosen as a second higher education.

However, now there is a more serious attitude towards psychologists, and specialists are expected to have tangible effects. If earlier seeking psychological help was considered uncomfortable, shameful, and then it became fashionable, now it is quite ordinary, ordinary procedure. At the same time, responsibility is also growing. Many believe that it is the psychologist who should see problem children or create a favorable climate in the team.

In higher education, psychology is represented by different areas of training:

  • organizational psychology;
  • management psychology;
  • pedagogy and psychology;
  • social work;
  • political psychology;
  • psychological counseling;
  • age psychology;
  • work psychology;
  • legal psychology;
  • clinical psychology;
  • management psychology;
  • personality psychology;
  • applied zoopsychology;
  • psychological support for the education of people with developmental disabilities;
  • conflictology, etc.

Psychological universities in Russia are represented quite widely. Here’s an incomplete list of universities where you can study for a psychologist:

Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis (according to the newspaper “Kommersant,” the university ranks first in terms of income of graduates in the field of psychology),


S.Y.Vitte Moscow University,

Moscow Institute of Economics, Policy and Law (MIEPP),

The Moscow State University of Railway Transport of Emperor Nicholas II (MIIT),

Eastern Economics and Law Academy for the Humanities (VEGU) (National Rating Agency “Rosrating” included the Academy in the top five non-state educational institutions of Russia in terms of demand and competitiveness of graduates in the labor market),

Moscow Energy Institute (MPEI),

The St. Petersburg State University of Railway Transport of Emperor Alexander I (PGUPS),

The South Urals State University of Humanities and Pedagogy (SCHPU),

Far Eastern State University of Railway Transport (DVGUPS),

Altai State University (AltGU).

In almost every city there is a higher education institution where you can learn in any direction of psychology. This program is implemented by many commercial universities.

Choosing a profession of the psychologist it is important to determine in advance the sphere of further employment. Usually this:

  • working at the clinic;
  • teaching activities;
  • scientific organizations;
  • business.

Despite the seemingly highly specialized psychological education, there are quite a few opportunities for its application. Naturally, psychologists are most often connected with the spheres of health care and social work. Just a bachelor’s degree is not enough to build a career. It is necessary to finish a magistracy, and for those who have decided to go to science – post-graduate studies as well.

Here are a few metropolitan universities where you can learn to be a psychologist.

  1. The Higher School of Economics. Passing score – 170, 60 budget places, cost – 275 thousand Wed.UES – 85.3
  2. “Plehanovka.” Passing score – 229, 10 budget places, cost – 200 thousand rubles. Cf. EGE – 79.8
  3. PFUR. Passing score – 108, 10 budget places, cost – 185 thousand. Cf. USE – 64,1
  4. The Moscow State University of Railway Transport of Emperor Nicholas II (MIIT). Passing score – 150, cost – 144 thousand rubles per year, no budget seats. Cf. USE – 66.8
  5. Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU). Passing score – 96, 10 budget places, cost – 184.9 thousand Wed.UES – 66.3
  6. Synergy (non-governmental). Passing score – 99, no budget seats, the cost – 160 thousand. Cf. EGE – 56.7
higher education: psychologist

Even the analysis of several universities shows that high scores only in prestigious, top universities. In “normal” higher education institutions, passing scores are low. There are few budget places for future psychologists, the cost of education is acceptable, especially given that the universities in Moscow.