Higher technical education

Higher technical education

The modern rhythm of life dictates its requirements for the education of citizens. It is now the period when the most popular are technical specialists and engineers. Industrial development, so popular nowadays nanotechnologies, production is experiencing a real staff shortage. The country does not have enough highly qualified engineers. It is in this area that the Government of the Russian Federation pays special attention, allocating additional budgetary places and additional funding. So we can safely say that graduates of technical universities will not be left without work.

In what areas are they taught in technical universities of Russia? Let’s list the main ones:

  • electricity industry;
  • the fuel industry;
  • metalworking;
  • the automotive industry;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • the construction industry;
  • the space industry;
  • light industry;
  • food industry;
  • medical industry, etc.

Among technical specialties of higher education, the following are in demand today:

  • an environmental engineer;
  • strength engineer (testing for strength);
  • the constructor;
  • a safety engineer;
  • the technologist;
  • mechanical engineer, etc.

The development of technological processes has led to a significant reduction in the severity of work, which has led to an increase in the number of girls wishing to work in industry.

Professions are popular among girls:

  • engineer (and any direction);
  • of a programmer;
  • of an architect;
  • energy industry, etc.

Higher engineering education strives to meet the trends of the times, so there are constantly new professions, and irrelevant (for example, the station operator) disappear.

The top five technical specialties (bachelor’s degree) look like this:

  1. Programmer/ IT specialist.
  2. Petroleum engineer/burower.
  3. Geological engineer/geophysicist.
  4. Surveying engineer (mining engineer).
  5. Energy engineer.
Higher technical education

There are more than a thousand institutions of higher education in the country with technical areas of training, but the list of technical universities of Russia (meaning strictly specialized universities) includes about 250 universities.

The analysis of ratings of the Minobra, Expert RA, 100 best universities, Internet-rating allows to allocate the best technical universities of Russia. These are universities whose authority is undeniable, their graduates are in demand by employers.