How to help a child love sports

how to help a child love sports

Beauty does not require sacrifice, it requires a conscious and responsible attitude towards lifestyle. Parents can make their children’s lives much easier. Excessive thinness is not in trend anymore, normal physical shape is being promoted. Only the percentage of overweight children is high enough. One in ten children is overweight. And if parents do not want their child to participate in a project like “Weighted People”, then from childhood they should cultivate a craving for physical activity and adequate nutrition.
Helping a child love sports isn’t so hard. Initially, most children are active. That’s when they start getting lazy, sitting in life behind the computer/bus/television. So how do you nurture and maintain your need for physical activity?

The most effective way is through a personal example. Obviously, if sport is the norm in the family, then the child is provided with a “sports life”. So you can start training yourself by unobtrusively involving your son/daughter in the activities together.

Alternatively, you can use the example of others. For example, watch movies about athletes, go to a match or performances of dancers, gymnasts. He might want to be the same.

Literate motivation plays a really big role. The dead end option is to promise gifts for the class. The child must consciously understand the meaning and see the result of efforts. For example, regular exercise is a guarantee of physical attractiveness, sports make a person stronger, and he can fight back if necessary.


Another incentive factor for sports activities is the joint choice of sportswear. Fashionable sports suits, cool sneakers or boots bought specifically for training will not lie idle. The child will want to show off, boast of new clothes, and to be engaged in comfortable beautiful clothes is always more pleasant. It’s a mistake to ignore this moment.

It’s boring to be alone. So it’s great to have someone to go to class with. The company is an important part. It’s both a competition and mutual support. Usually if a friend/girlfriend enters the section, they go there longer and more regularly.

One must not forget basic support. Most children do not have the necessary self-confidence, they are extremely sensitive to the slightest failures. To avoid disappointment in yourself, sport, it is important to praise children, teach them to compare their achievements not with other people’s results, but with their own.

Support implies no coercion. You can’t force it. This will cause a protest, the result could be a principled position of giving up sport. If your son/daughter is uncomfortable in class, you should change your training. Such moments cannot be allowed to go away, the consequences will be unpredictable. Because you don’t know what the child is suffering from. Sport should be purely joyful, it is necessary to exercise on a positive, otherwise there will be no result. The task is to find something close to the child.

How to help a child love sports

In addition, you need to understand when and where you can give your child:

  • Gymnastics, swimming, dancing are possible from the age of 3;
  • wrestling, martial arts, athletics, big tennis, team sports – 5-6 years;
  • skis – 7-8 years old;
  • power sport – since I was 14.

In addition to the age specifics, the health status of the son/daughter must be taken into account. In many diseases, there are severe contraindications. It is better to consult a sports doctor about this, as the pediatrician may not know some specifics. Cultivating love for sports is all about helping, but not hurting the child.