Energy is primary, matter is secondary. This is the first thing to understand when working with your limitations, both physical and spiritual. And there are three levels to work with – body, mind and energy. There are seven chakras in Read more

Kumbha Mela Festival of Spiritual Traditions

India has an important religious festival, the Kumbha Mela (Gathering of the Great Jug), which takes place once every 12 years, on the day of a special arrangement of the planets. This is known to the experts who carry out Read more

Fish pose (Matsyasana)

One of the most useful asanas in the yogic arsenal is matsyasana (fish pose) which confirms This technique opens up the thoracic region, reducing stooping, and is useful for maintaining a healthy lung and cardiovascular system. At the level Read more

How to study properly: tips for parents

Tips on how to help your child do their homework about the four seasons and improve their school performance Doing homework and studying in general is often difficult for children. Everyone in the family feels uncomfortable with this too. However, Read more

How to teach a child to count

We will tell you at what age to start teaching counting up to 20 , what methods there are and how to do it correctly. How to correctly teach a child to count Many kids come to first grade al Read more