The school is behind us: how to choose a college?

The school is behind us: how to choose a college

Secondary vocational education is preferred by those who would like their child to acquire practical vocational skills as soon as possible and to find a job. There are, however, and such specialties for which obtaining does not require studying at university. The main difference between college and university is the goal of the applicant: to go into deep study of a subject and become a theorist of this or that discipline, or get practical knowledge to immediately apply it in the work. If your option is second, let’s decide together how to choose the right college.

Focusing on the child’s preferences.
Effective learning is only possible if a person has a genuine interest in the subject and is strongly motivated to learn it as best as possible. Therefore, when choosing a specialty, you should be guided by the subjects that are given to the student the easiest.

For example, if your child does not like literature and history, the exact sciences are quite cool, but the chemistry and biology is ready to do for hours, you can think about going to a pharmaceutical college. Of course, if desired, such an entrant can try his luck at the college of economics, but it is likely that you will not be able to get into physical therapy.

We’re assessing the prospects
In choosing the future profession it is important not only to take into account the child’s abilities, but also to assess the future prospects. Let’s say that after graduating from the College of Foreign Languages the issue of employment will become quite acute: there are enough specialists who know several foreign languages on the labor market today.

But, for example, the diploma of a pharmaceutical college (let’s return to this specialty for convenience) practically guarantees a problem-free device for work: there are not enough pharmacists today, and the industry, meanwhile, is experiencing a period of prosperity.

Private or state college?
Everyone answers this question himself, but it is worth remembering that today the situation in education has changed dramatically and the word “private” in relation to college is no longer synonymous with “bad”. Competition among specialized secondary schools is steadily increasing, and this fact stimulates private colleges and universities to keep the brand and provide quality education.

To date, almost disappeared practice, in which many lazy students entered a private educational institution only “for a tick” to then become the happy owners of the cherished “crusts. Now commercial colleges value their reputation, raising the bar on the quality of education in some specialties almost higher than state colleges.

Moreover, today the choice between private and public educational institutions no longer equals the choice between paid and free education. Budget places in state universities and colleges are getting smaller and more difficult to get there every year. And the cost of studying at a commercial college or university by comparison is lower than the cost of “paid department” in a public educational institution.

How do you prepare for admission?
If you have already made up your mind about the institution, you should start as soon as possible. Check the list of documents you need to apply in advance so you don’t have to collect all the necessary documents in panic and hectic. For example, to apply to a pharmaceutical college, in addition to the standard set of documents, you will need a medical book or just a medical certificate on form 086/u – both are done for several weeks.

The school is behind us: how to choose a college

It is very important to have time to submit a full package of documents on time: as a rule, a request to “deliver later” or a statement that “we are only a day late” will not help anything. Colleges give you enough time to apply and it’s better to meet the deadline.

  • To feel more confident, visit the chosen college in advance, – advises Andriy Kirichuk, Deputy Director for Educational and Production Work of FC “New Knowledge”, – ask all your questions, get acquainted with his philosophy, mood, future teachers. For example, we openly publish on our YouTube channel the video lectures given at our college. We believe that viewing the classes allows not only to get acquainted with teachers, feel the atmosphere of the college, but also more consciously make a choice in favor of the profession. One last tip: find out in advance about all the opportunities that the college offers. For example, the latest innovation in our “New Knowledge” was a system of discounts on tuition fees when entering the pharmacist in 2017.

Don’t panic.
When choosing an educational institution, try not to make a fuss or try not to make it all. Allocate the document collection tasks evenly and perform them point by point, one after the other. So you save a lot of nerve cells for yourself and your baby.