What school supplies should a student have? Let’s figure it out!

In some schools, at the first parent meeting, it is announced that diaries, notebooks and prime numbers list and some stationery are purchased centrally: the parent committee of the class is in charge of the purchase. If you were not warned about this, then check out the list of what to buy a first grader to school:
Diary for a student in grades 1-4. The child will be happy if you give him the right to choose. As with choosing a portfolio on your own, you help your son or daughter feel like a real schoolboy!

Notebooks in a cage (large and regular) and in a ruler (including oblique). When buying, pay attention to the quality and color of the paper – you should not buy notebooks with bright white or dirty gray paper, rough sheets.

Covers for notebooks and textbooks for odd numbers of different formats.

Folder for notebooks (preferably with a button).

Bookmarks for textbooks.


School pencil case.

Pens. Often teachers recommend choosing a light paste: this way there will be less dirt in case of mistakes that are inevitable. You should not buy an automatic pen so that the first grader is not distracted. It is better to choose one that has a triangular nozzle with notches for the fingers of “rookies in the letter.” If the child is left-handed, then buy him a special pen.

Medium soft pencils. It is advisable to buy those that do not have an eraser on the end.

Sharpener with box.

Eraser. We recommend that you focus not on the external data of the eraser, but on its direct functions. Bright curly erasers often leave marks when erasing.

Ruler 15-20 cm, preferably plastic.