Why stress occurs

The main cause of stress is the illusion that you need to constantly do something and run somewhere.
Even a simple break and https://www.julianalucky.com/ can cause guilt from supposedly idleness when a bunch of cases are waiting to be resolved.

In meditation, you have to do nothing at all, not plan, not think, and this looks like a crime against time.

As a child, I didn’t have any problems with this – I could sit on a bench for several hours and “stick” on how the grass grows, it was interesting, and I was happy with how much everything was happening around, and I didn’t suspect that it was akin to meditation .

But with age, it seems that the more you think, the more you work, the smarter, richer and more famous you will be. Then multitasking and a feeling of lack of time come, the desire to cram more and more things into a unit of time.

Can such sensations be called pleasant? Unlikely, so people start looking for a solution, creating a demand for “meditation experience”.

In this case, there is a whole industry of meditation, which just teaches how to drown out stress, fall asleep on time to the sounds of nature or fairy tales. A lot of money is pouring into this area.

But isn’t this something that everyone should be able to do at any moment?!