How to improve reading technique in elementary school

An expert on effective learning for children is on wave reading and playing the three alphabets.

Nina Shevchuk helps adults and children improve their reading technique and master the skills to work with large amounts of information. These skills are especially important for first graders. In her opinion, every parent needs to know dra reading level.

I have 15 years of experience in teaching reading and I would like to share it with you.

Rule for learning a new ski


In a positive atmosphere,

and to do it for no more than 20 minutes,
but every day.
Forcing a child to read for hours a day in the hope that someday they will read better is useless, because it doesn’t work. On the contrary, it creates big problems with reading, but few parents or teachers are aware of that. Let’s see what happens in the end.

A negative attitude toward reading and learning in general;
A loss of desire to read, a strong fear of reading will appear;
An inability to hear, understand, and remember what you read;
Low self-esteem.
In other words, if you want your child to read as little as possible by choice, and to stop enjoying school, make her read as much as possible every day.

But as far as we know, everyone wants different things. So I suggest simple exercises sbac practice test. You can do three of them a day. Be sure to follow the rule of creating a new skill.

1. Reading a table of words in three or four letters.

The volume is as much as the child can handle (two or three columns). The table should be on an A5 sheet with letters in 20-24 font. Read in columns.

2. Reading the passage.

Read a passage in a work of fiction 20 words more than the child’s reading speed. For example, he reads 40 words per minute, add 20, so your passage is 60 words. Have your child read the passage three times in a row. The goal is to learn to read the passage in one minute on the third attempt.

The next day, take a new passage. You do not need to give more words. For example, a passage of 100 words. You won’t get results even if the child reads it for a whole week, five times every day. Choose passages from Nosov, Dragunsky, Uspensky.

3. Reading in waves.

First the child reads aloud, then he retells what he read and explains what do cognates mean. One to two pages is enough for children who read within 50 words per minute. If a child reads better, add one or two more pages.

4. Three alphabets game.

Lay out cards of the three alphabets on the table and make up words. You can create excitement and rhythm with which the words are laid out. This exercise allows you to improve your reading technique two or three times in as little as a week, provided you play in a positive way!

I wish you every success in your training!