The legal profession is always attractive for applicants and in demand. And it’s quite justified and easy to explain: the average income of a lawyer is twice that of an average Russian; the prestige of the profession; the appeal of Read more

Higher technical education

The modern rhythm of life dictates its requirements for the education of citizens. It is now the period when the most popular are technical specialists and engineers. Industrial development, so popular nowadays nanotechnologies, production is experiencing a real staff shortage. Read more

Higher education: psychologist

The profession of psychologist has always been a popular one. This is due to the fact that “studying for a psychologist” is relatively easy, the passing scores are small and the cost is quite acceptable. Another attractive fact for applicants Read more

Higher education remotely

Distance learning abroad has long been a habit. The principles of such education were first implemented in 1969. The Open University of the United Kingdom. Teachers and students communicated through correspondence and two-way radio. Technological progress has come a long Read more