How to teach a child to count

We will tell you at what age to start teaching counting up to 20 , what methods there are and how to do it correctly.

How to correctly teach a child to count
Many kids come to first grade al

ready with counting skills, so it is important for parents to teach it in advance. Today there are many techniques that allow you to do this in an interesting and fun way.

Do not impose counting tr

aining, it should be easy: in the process of daily activities or play. Count familiar items together, gradually complicating the tasks. For example, two oranges or four plates are easy for him to visualize, but abstract sets are unlikely.

When should you teach a child to count?

Most experts believe that the best time for teaching children to count is 3-5 years. It is at this age that a child begins to be interested in new things and learns to establish patterns between numbers. However, everything is very individual. If a child is actively learning the world and is interested in mathematics earlier, you can start training from the age of 1.5.

What methods to use to teach arithmetic
Collected proven techniques that allow you to do it in a game form, interesting for the child.

Counting up to 10 on your fingers. Methodology helps to understand how to teach a child to count to ten. It will be difficult for a child to remember all the numbers at once, so you can start with five and focus on the fingers of one hand. Introduce the child to their names, and then connect the second hand. You can use games with fingers when one disappears or two or three fingers meet together.
Use educational cards and sticks. You can put them one by one on the table and call the numbers, then move one part of the sticks to the right and the other to the left and ask how many sticks are in each part.
Games with numbers. Teaching children to count can be done in a playful way. For example, a story-role game “store. It is necessary to choose who will be a seller and who will be a buyer, and assign a currency. Selling or buying candy and toys, the child can easily memorize numbers up to ten and even twenty.
Montessori Method. It is similar to the store game. You can give your child different coins, for example, a ruble, two, five, and ask him or her to count the amount or change it.
Doman’s methodology. The author recommends using cards with red dots for counting. The color will attract the child’s attention.
“Counting.” Nikolai Zaitsev suggests immediately showing numbers from 0 to 99. So the child will understand how many tens and ones make up each number.
Polyakov’s method. You need cubes, a box with compartments for the number of cubes and numbers. First, take one cube, put it in a box and put the number 1 next to it. And so on up to 100.

How to teach a child to count to 20

To teach a child to count to 20, use two pairs of hands – yours and his own. You can also use cubes, cards, sticks or draw dashes – whatever comes to mind. This counting is as easy as up to 10. At this stage, the child needs to understand the composition of the number.