Readiness for school: physical and psychological

Is your child ready for school and When preparing a child for school, it is necessary to take into account several particularly important points identified by experts in developmental psychology and the psychology of child development. First, the key to successful study is good health. Parents often forget this simple truth when they load their seven-year-old children with English, fine arts, piano, and anything but outdoor walks, morning exercises, and some kind of sport that is accessible and appropriate for the age of the child. Physical readiness for school is very important.

In addition to physical readiness, psychological readiness for school is of great importance. Experts in the field of developmental psychology warn that neither excellent health, nor reading or writing skills guarantee that your baby will take root in the team. To prepare, you can train the child’s speech by asking questions, patiently listening to the child, discussing what they read with the whole family, retelling the content to each other, inventing their own fascinating continuation of the story, fantasizing, sharing impressions.

Developmental psychology: advice from specialists in preparation
Experts in the field of developmental psychology give some simple but effective tips on how to make your child’s adaptation to school easier.

The search for a school is an extremely important

Mother Saying Goodbye To Children As They Leave For School

moment that determines the fate of the child, so it must be approached with all responsibility! Listen to how the teacher in whose class you want to assign your child speaks to the students, how he conducts the lesson, how students react in his classes.

The first of September is a special day for a child. It is better to prepare for it in advance: having gathered in the evening, having put your son or daughter to bed early, you can sit next to him and tell a funny story. It’s also worth leaving the house in advance, it’s better to spend time walking around the schoolyard than rushing to the ruler in a hurry.

And lastly, it is important to pay attention to the child in the first days of school. It may even be worth taking a vacation in September to be able to be with your child all the time and help him adapt to a new stage of life.