Word for kindergarten

Word for kindergarten

In a broad sense, computer science (cf. similar in sound and origin. Informatik and Fr. Informatique, as opposed to the traditional English term computer science – in the U.S. or English computing science – in Britain) is the science of computing, storage and processing of information. It includes disciplines related to computing in one way Word for kindergarten or another: both abstract, such as algorithm analysis, and quite specific, such as programming language development.

Informatics as a science develops together with computers, the global Internet – Information and Computer Technologies.

Word for kindergarten

In 1978, the International Congress officially consolidated the concept of “informatics” in the areas related to the development, creation, use and maintenance of information processing systems, including computers and their software, as well as organizational, commercial, administrative and socio-political aspects of computerization – the mass introduction of computer technology in all areas of human life.

Thus, computer science is based on computer equipment and is unthinkable without it.

The main directions of informatics application:

Computer systems and software development;
information theory, studying the processes related to the transmission, reception, transformation and storage of information;
methods of artificial intelligence that allow you to create programs to solve problems that require a certain intellectual effort in the performance of their person (logical conclusion, learning, speech understanding and others);
system analysis, which consists in analyzing the purpose of the system under design and establishing the requirements they must meet;
methods of machine graphics, animation, multimedia tools;
means of telecommunication, including global communication networks that unite all of humanity into one information community;
diverse applications covering manufacturing, science, education, medicine, commerce, agriculture and all other economic activities.
Informatics consists of two parts:

technical means;
software tools.
Hardware is the hardware of computers (Hardware).

Software, which emphasize the equivalence of software to modify, adapt, develop.

Informatics also includes algorithmic tools. This part is related to the development of algorithms and the study of methods and techniques of their construction.

The role of informatics in the development of society is extremely great. It is connected with the beginning of the revolution in the field of accumulation, transmission and processing of information. The growth of computer technology production, development https://argoprep.com/blog/gre/gre-test-prep-an-overview-of-quantitative-reasoning/ of information networks, creation of new information technologies lead to significant changes in all spheres of society: in production, science, education, medicine and so on.

Algorithmic thinking is an important part https://argoprep.com/blog/elementary-math-how-to-boost-math-skills/ of computer science and the key to deep understanding.