Elementary math workbooks

As a rule, people think that mathematics is just arithmetic, that is, studying numbers and actions with their help, for example, multiplication and division. In fact, mathematics is much more. It is a way of describing the world and how Read more

Trade School

Trade School prof. institution, which existed in Chel. from 1909 to 1919. T. S. was founded on the initiative of a well-known businessman and philanthropist V. S., who was also a philanthropist. K. Pokrovsky (see Pokrovskie), who gave the idea Read more

Student learning styles

The concept of learning style. Styles of learning and teaching styles in different cultures The problem of individual approach was raised more than once and successfully solved in domestic and foreign pedagogical science and practice. However, the emergence of educational Read more

The Coolest Math Games that Kids Love!

games that will befriend your child with math. Mathematics is complicated? First of all it is interesting and fun! So believes Evgeniya Ilyushevich, a teacher of children’s educational center in Omsk, who herself invents unusual mathematical https://argoprep.com/blog/the-coolest-math-games-that-kids-love/ .They help children Read more

How to develop a musical ear

If you think that hearing is given to a person from birth, then you are deeply mistaken. Hearing is something that you can develop if you want to, because the abilities in each one are inherent in nature itself. There Read more

How to become a good go math grade 3

To become a good mathematician, you need to love and apply this science more often in practice. Many mathematicians like to apply analytical methods of judgment in everyday life, using their scientific knowledge. 1If you really decide to be a Read more

What do parents need to read about

There’s a very good expression: “Warned, then armed.” As far as raising children is concerned, it is more relevant than ever. If the mother / daddy / grandmother / grandfather knows about the alleged problems, is aware of the age Read more